Basic Baby Hat - This is a very basic baby hat in several sizes. This is designed for in-the-round knitting.. Baby Clothing Knitted My Patterns.

Tracey August 5, at 6: I would add a stitch in the round before starting the cables for ever cable you add since cables tend to pull in. Did you know Organic Cotton is Hypo-allergenic for your baby? Stevie August 16, at 3:

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In addition to folding down her diaper (so as not to rub against the stump), stock up on a few “kimono” tops, which wrap around and snap on the side. The side snapping also means you don’t have to pull something down over your baby’s head, which can be a little intimidating in the beginning.
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Thank you again for this wonderful pattern. You can use the same cast on for a ribbed version. The finished hat will measure smaller but will be much stretchier so will still stretch to the same size as the stockinette version. You can sell items you make with my patterns. At the bottom of the patterns is a link to my permissions document so that you can be assured that is my usual policy.

HI, I am using a number 3 light yarn, how many stitches would I cast on for a 4 month old baby? I know you called for a DK weight. DK falls into the 3 light category so should be true to my measurements. The newborn size has growth room so should work for 4 months. I just learned so much by reading all these comments, thank you. My question is if you use different weight yarn how do you change the cast on. I am new to knitting and knitting these for hospitals and charity.

I have many different weight yarns just learned there is a number for each weight and a suggested needle size for each. I based my hat on DK weight yarn which has a gauge of 22 stitches per 4 inches. If you wanted to make the newborn size, the original cast on is Here is the way to find the new cast on:. Now we are not quite done. This pattern has cast ons that are a multiples of 12, so find the multiple of 12 closest to what you calculated, which in this case would be I love making the premier hats,they are so fun.

It has been awhile and I see some corrections have been added,my question is on the crown do you k3 or k4 then do the k2tog,ask? I am knitting your pattern on straight needles and got to the crown section, and was unclear about the decreases. Are you stating k4, k2tog, ssk K4 to mean you only knit 4 at the start of the row and knit 4 at the end of the row, with K2tog and ssk from end to end, or do you mean K4, k2tog, ssk knit four through out the entire row. The entire instruction is repeated across the row so that if you began with 60 stitches the row would look like this:.

Dear Mama, You are so patient to answer so many questions! What does the ssk look like? Is there a video to which you can point me? I found this video: Now I can go to town on using up my yarn shop quantity of the stuff. Keep up the good work!!!

I am knitting the newborn size with 72 stitches. I just started the first decrease row and I wound up with 54 stitches. I knitted 4 — knitted 2 together — slipped 2 and knitted together. Your pattern is such a nice simple pattern with a wonderful look. I want to finish it to send to my new granddaughter in Colorado. There are 4 knits before and after the reductions on each repeat, so you will actually have 8 knits between them.

So, k4, k2tog, ssk, k8, k2tog, ssk, k8… … k2tog, ssk, k4. Just completed this on DPN and I loved the pattern. I can see the spaces on the finished hat where the stitches were divided on the three needles. I thought I was pulling tight on my stitches between the needles, but maybe not enough. Are there any other tricks to keep these seams from appearing? It really just takes some experimentation and practice. It does take pulling those end stitches a little tighter and after seeing the results a few times, you will get the sense of how much tighter they need to be.

This pattern is great! I have a question…when doing the actual body of the hat, before getting to the crown, it says for the newborn size to knit until it is 4. Is that including the ribbing, or is that just the knitted body section? The yarn is 8 ply and the gauge tension is 22sts by 30 rows for 10x10cm. Also what should be changed throughout the pattern as well as the recommended length of the hat before the crown process?

For straight needles, you will knit the body in stockinette. How many stitches should I cast on for a 6 month old? And how long should it be before the decrease? I casted on 84 stitches on straight needles and not sure how I should start my decreases. No, just purl the back. You are just replacing the knit only rows of the crown with purl instead of knit.

It is made in the round so by knitting every round it makes the hat stockinette rather than garter. Can this baby hat be knitted with circular needles all the way through? I am wondering if it will be ok to do so.

The body of it can be worked on a small circular needle, but the crown will get too small for it. The crown will either need to be made on double pointed needles, made using some other small circumference in-the-round method, or will have to be completed flat instead of in-the-round and seamed. For my big 10 month old, do you think I should be doing the 12 month or the toddler sizing? If I am using a size 7 circular needle, how many stitches should I cast on for a 12 month hat and does that alter the pattern in other ways?

It may not make a material difference. It really just depends on your tension. If you have a loose enough tension that your guage is less then you could cast on for the next smaller size, but use the measurements for the month.

I want to make a hat for 6 year old boy. I assume by main page you are referring to Ravelry. I have now changed the Ravelry page. I just finished my first knitting project ever which was a baby hat.

In those directions, it says for newborns, to Cast On 56 stitches. By the time I was done, it seems like the perfect size for a newborn that will be welcomed into the family in a month. Since 56 stitches seems like a good amount to Cast On for a newborn hat, would this change how I would knit the crown?

I want to make sure this second project that i have ever done will turn out perfectly! Sizing depends on the weight of the yarn and the size of the needles used. If the pattern you refer to used heavier yarn and larger needles, then 56 stitches would be a newborn size. Knitted beanies of smaller sizes should be about an inch less than the circumference of the head since it will stretch to fit and stay on but not be too tight.

However, being so tired 10 months of very poor sleep I have made a mistake. I get little time to knit now so will be gutted to have completely ruined it. I have knit this hat several times for different babies in the family and now have need of it again. I read through the comments this time and learned quite a bit in the process , but I just wanted to let you know that this is a fantastic pattern and you are incredibly gracious and generous with your time, knowledge, and patience.

Thank you for such a wonderful pattern! I was looking for a pattern to fit a very old doll. I picked it up the other day. Your knitted hat will work out great. I know I could never have tryed to create a pattern! Hi I have seen you have given permission to someone else to use this pattern to sell the finished items. Would it be possible for me to also get permission. I sell on facebook, etsy and at craft fairs.

I will of course credit you for this amazing pattern. You can sell items made with my patterns. Here is the complete policy: I need to make this hat for a baby that is now 3 months old. Can you tell me how many stitches would be good to cast on.

I have one ball of Bernat Softee Baby multi color which is yards. I would like to make the basic simple hat like the newborn one in knitting. To make a month size: Follow directions until you have 6. Make these two rounds before beginning the crown rounds in the instructions. It can be done other ways. Here is a link to an explanation of all the ways it can be done. Hello, I was wondering if it would make a huge difference having 5 mm double point needles instead of 4 mm?

It could actually make a pretty big difference unless you are a really tight knitter. You might need to make a size smaller than what you are wanting to make. Now I cannot find that anywhere, but am wondering how wide to make my stripes!

Can you help with cast on s and decreasing? There must be a formula for all this?? Begin crown when the body measures 4. And would the decreases have to be adjusted?? Thanks for some help, Mama. Before the working the crown, work these two rows which will then give you 60 stitches before beginning the crown:.

End a tad shorter because you will be making two extra rows for the crown and also have taller rows with the bigger gauge for the crown therefore the crown will be a little taller.

Depending on your gauge it may be the same. Check your gauge and if it looks like you are going to get more stitches then you would need to cast on for size smaller. I have never knitted in the round before but decided to try this little hat. It is easy to do and very effective, was my daughters favourite hat for her baby. I used random wool like the pattern but in Autumn colours.

It got lots of comments. I am now knitting my 4th one! The easiest way is to use heavier yarn and bigger needles. Size 8 needles with worsted or aran yarn will give an small adult size with 84 cast on, medium adult size with 96 cast on and large adult size with cast on. Make the body of the hat up to 1.

This site is brilliant, used it a few months back for a baby hat. It took me all of last night to find it again, so glad I found it xx. I am knitting the newborn size and casted on 72 stitches. For the Crown, Rnd 1 says I should have 70 stitches after completing Rnd 1. I will only have 70 stitches if I K4, K2tog, ssk, k4 once and continue to knit and do not repeat.

Is 70 stitches correct after completing Rnd 1 of the Crown or should it read 56 stitches after Rnd 1? Newborn in the second size so is actually saying 60 stitches after the first round of the crown. Round one is repeated 6 times around the hat for a reduction of 12 stitches.

Hi I would love to do this pattern in 4 ply for sizes Prem and months on size 3. Could you please tell me the cast on amounts for prem, newborn and months.

Followed the directions in the middle of the comments for the 3 month old size. Perhaps worsted weight should have been used. I used the dk called for and the 5mm 4needles. And I noticed in another pattern on revelry that they call for worsted weight for the same gauge and similar hat…. Worsted weight would actually make it bigger. Also the gauge in the pattern is for 4mm needles so 5mm needles would make it bigger. I have never knitted before and am trying to make a premie hat.

How long should the circular needles be? US 10 are for bulky yarn. To get the right gauge with my bulky yarn I ended up with 56 stitches for the teenage size, what would my decrease for the crown be? Start with two rows before the other crown rows: Could you also direct me to where I can find help learning how to knit with two circular needles.

I have only ever knitted with dpns and am not feeling too confident about the magic loop. I would like to confirm before I begin. The instructions indicate k4, k2tog, ssk, k4 so in that pattern of stitches, I do both the k2tog and the ssk, so reducing 4 stitches to 2 between the two k4 sections. The pattern is a repeat of 12 stitches.

I would add a stitch in the round before starting the cables for ever cable you add since cables tend to pull in. So considering that just add cables in a repeat keeping with however many resulting stitches you have in your repeat. So if you added one cable in the center of each repeat, add a stitch in the middle of each repeat in the round before adding the cables. So then your repeat would be 13, so have a pattern that repeats every 13 stitches. I also have patterns for a couple of cabled baby hats on my site: I really enjoyed knitting this hat in the newborn size.

It was my third attempt to find a pattern that would be large enough for a newborn. The others turned out doll sized. I only had one question…Why on the crown did you give the instruction to knit after each decrease row? I did a purl row and it kept the stocking knit pattern all the way to the top. If knitting this row it would have created a ridge and your example does not show a ridge.

It sounds like you knitted this flat with a seam, which is perfectly fine. The pattern is written for in-the-round knitting, so every row is knitted to keep the stockinette pattern. Thanks so much for sharing your patterns and tips! At 6 months her head is probably higher than the 72 st CO size.

Thank you in advance for your advice. Beanie style caps need to be a little smaller than the head size or they will be too loose. A cast on of 64 will make a 15 inch circumference hat. I have lots of Caron Simply Soft Medium 4 weight yarn and would like to knit this hat for my 3 month old grand daughter. How would I adjust this pattern?

Thank you for a reply! Use size 8 5mm needles and cast on 60 stitches. Use the newborn height for the height of the body before starting the crown. My first one just have to go buy more needles. I cannot find download or print for the easy baby hat in the round Thank you, Dolores Burke.

I am a fairly new knitter and made this hat for my toddler. Thank you so much for your patter and all of the comments. I am a true beginner, but have recently done an adult hat on round cabled needles. How can i convert this pattern to cabled needles and what size would I need?

It would have to be a very small set. They have sets for socks. You will still run into problems on a circular when you get to the crown reductions. There are methods out there of using two circular needles to work small circumferences in-the-round. I cast on 72 stitches and started the first decrease per instructed: K4, k2tog, ssk,k4, etc.

Is this an error? I just found this pattern and I love how the different sizes are included and I plan on using this pattern for future baby hats. That comment was from Have coasted on stitches. Now I am trying 4th attempt to knit in a circle.

Any help would be appreciated. Search on YouTube for knitting in-the-round tutorials. There are lots and lots of videos that can give you great basics and tips. Hi Mama, I have a comment and that is you are amazing to be answering question for so many years and helping out so many knitters!!

I was just looking on Ravelry for another pattern for premie hats. Thank you so much for this lovely pattern with the nice crown — exactly what I was looking for! Three or four, whatever you are accustomed to. Just put the stitches in sets of 12 on the needles even if that means there are different numbers of stitches on each needle. Sorry about your experience.

There is a printer icon at the top that will make a clean, comment-free version to print or create a PDF. We are working on updating the site to make printing even easier and user friendly.

The magic loop is the name of a method used to knit in-the-round for small circles using a long circular needle. This site explains it: Hello, I was making the 12month hat 84 stitches.

When decreasing, the pattern says knit 4 knit 2tog ssk knit 4. After the first round you are left with 64 stitches.

The whole thing is thrown off. Had to look up another way to decrease this pattern. It really does work. For the 12 month size the directions will be repeated 6 times around the round. So you will begin with the 84 stitches but result in 60 stitches. Thank you for such a wonderful and versatile pattern. I did a sample newborn using flat needles but not keen on back seam so will now switch to dpn.

I loved the colours of a work sock think sock monkey and want to make several in all sizes for my grandchildren. Some will have red pompoms. The ribbing is ecru with 2 rows red and the body, light grey. Your pattern is easy to read. I love that you use circular knitting patterns so many of the sites use straight needles and I do everything on circs.

I would really like to make this for a baby that will be 6mos. And about a year when it gets warm. Normally I would follow a mo. Is there any way to alter these instructions for those sizes? How can I divide my stitches in multiples of 12 if the stitches are 84? Shall I put 24 on three needles and 12 on the 4th? The Magic Loop is one of the methods that can be used to knit in-the-round for circumferences smaller than a circular needle. Here is a site about the Magic Loop method: I would like to use this pattern to make a hat for my adult daughter.

Her head circumference is 23 inches. The yarn I want to use is acrylic Premier Sweet Roll. My needles are a size 8.

Carolyn April 8, at 9: Just wondering if the size 6 needles required are British, Metric, or U. Mama April 8, at 9: Carolyn June 17, at Hi again I finally found time to knit your hat except I needed an all garter stitch to match a garter stitch jacket.

Mama June 17, at 1: The first decrease row should leave you with 80 stitches. Jacklynn April 6, at 7: Mama April 12, at 3: Linda July 14, at 7: Thank you for your help Linda. Susan April 5, at 2: Nicole July 17, at 3: Mae September 29, at 9: Mama September 29, at 9: Laurie October 17, at 6: Jessica keller November 29, at Mama November 29, at Cheryl March 18, at 3: Gayle January 16, at 5: Home Educating the Puddle Chicks. February 4, at 1: Punam kapoor March 13, at 8: Could you please email me a few simple patterns for baby caps and booties.

Mama March 13, at Ann Morris June 16, at 3: Mama July 4, at 1: Liz P July 9, at 2: Mama July 9, at 6: Liz P July 10, at K-Line July 16, at 6: India August 15, at 5: How many cast on stitches do I need to make for the toddler hat? Mama August 15, at 6: Stevie August 16, at 3: Marthella August 25, at Mama August 25, at 7: Lisa August 27, at 6: Any suggestions are appreciated. Mama August 27, at 6: Stacey November 6, at 3: Mama November 6, at 4: Stephanie September 6, at 8: Mama September 6, at 9: Stephanie September 8, at Janine October 7, at 4: Mama October 7, at 6: Lynn October 7, at 7: Mama October 7, at 9: Lynn October 10, at 6: Will it matter too much between the head sizes of one child being a girl and one a boy?

Your tips have all been helpful. Mama October 10, at 7: Ingrid October 18, at 1: Mama October 18, at 5: Dana October 28, at 1: Hi Heather, This is a great basic baby hat pattern. Mama October 28, at 2: Jenny Miller November 5, at Katrina Goodwin November 13, at 4: Mama November 13, at CO 84 and use size 5 needles should be perfect.

Definitely make some for charity. I know they will be greatly appreciated. Amy November 17, at Great instructions and super easy to knit! Heather November 22, at 4: Emilie November 23, at Thanks for the help! Mama November 23, at Pat Conaghan December 8, at Mama December 9, at In the crown, add two more rounds — Rnd Mama December 12, at Marilyn Velez December 13, at 1: Mama December 13, at Nadia December 15, at 7: Mama December 15, at 7: What if I use 2mm pointed needles, how many stitches will I need to cast on?

Mama December 15, at Does your yarn call for 2mm needles? What is the gauge of your yarn? Viveca of Vivecas' Vision's December 18, at Mama December 18, at You can sell them. Thank you for asking. Yes the k4 is twice.

The first rnd reduces 14 stitches, so 70 remaining. Mama December 27, at Sharon February 25, at Loretta December 30, at 2: Mama December 30, at 5: Lois January 22, at 9: Kristen Ridge February 1, at 3: Hello, How many double point needles do I need for this little cute hat? Mama February 1, at 7: Kristen Ridge February 2, at 9: I can see how many people you have personally responded to.

Mama February 2, at Most double pointed needles I use are about 8 inches or 20 cm long. Kristen Ridge February 2, at Krista February 7, at 7: Mama February 7, at 7: Ang D February 10, at Mama February 10, at 7: Sandra February 18, at 7: Mama February 18, at 8: Adele February 20, at 8: Mama February 20, at 8: Susan March 8, at 3: I have never used circular needles.

How do you join to the round. Mama March 8, at 9: Susan March 8, at 5: Sullivan March 10, at 4: Mama March 10, at 7: Mama March 14, at 6: Do the decrease rows on knit rows and purl the alternate rows. Jan March 19, at What does DK stand for??? I have made 3 hats and counting.

Best friends just had thier first baby and they LOVE hats. Mama March 19, at 3: I do appreciate you asking. Hi, Love this pattern. Mama March 26, at Give me more details about how it is twisting and I will try to help.

Tierra March 27, at Mama March 28, at 3: Sarah April 12, at 6: Mama April 12, at 6: Lisa April 16, at 9: Mama April 16, at 5: Keren May 20, at 9: Mama May 20, at Keren May 21, at 8: Mama May 21, at 2: Tina at September June 19, at Mama June 19, at 1: Evelyn-m June 25, at 3: Dail July 11, at 8: Mama July 11, at Dail July 12, at 6: The gauge indicated is 7.

It recommends us size 3 needles. Mama July 12, at 8: Cast on 96 stitches and use the size 3 needles and it should be perfect. Dail July 12, at 8: Thank you so much for your quick response. You are so helpful to us new knitters. Fran July 15, at 5: Mama July 15, at 6: Fran July 15, at 1: The recommended gauge for the yarn I am using is: Mama July 15, at 1: Fran July 15, at 2: Lucie July 17, at Mama July 17, at Melissa July 29, at 1: Mama July 29, at 3: Mama August 29, at 8: Ris August 29, at 1: I would really appreciate it!

Thanks again Mama Blessings. Mama August 29, at 9: Ris August 31, at 9: Coni September 2, at 7: Mama September 3, at 9: September 29, at 6: Mama September 30, at Kelly Fasching October 9, at Mama October 10, at 4: Kelly Fasching October 12, at 1: Nope it was the 6 month size.

I am going to try it again and see what happens. Ashley Erickson October 17, at 3: Mama October 17, at 9: Ashley Erickson October 17, at Judy October 22, at 4: Mama October 22, at 9: Janet November 2, at 6: Mama November 3, at Margaret November 30, at 8: Mama December 2, at Cast on 60 and it will make a 14 inch circumference hat that will stretch an inch or two.

Nathan from Australia November 30, at Many thanks in advance, Nathan. Nathan from Australia December 2, at 7: Casey December 1, at 9: Mama December 2, at 1: I assume that is 11 stitches per 4 inches with a bulky.

Mama January 13, at Annie January 15, at 4: Mama January 19, at Anne-Marie February 5, at Mama February 5, at 1: Christiana February 17, at Mama February 19, at 2: Christiana February 20, at 6: Lindsey February 22, at Mama February 23, at Mama March 6, at 9: Michelle Edwards March 5, at 7: Mama March 6, at Martha Satti March 6, at 7: Thanks for your great work.

E March 7, at 9: Mama March 7, at E March 7, at Heather March 14, at Mama March 17, at Tara April 11, at 9: Mama April 13, at 9: Meadhbh April 30, at 2: Mama May 2, at Meadhbh May 6, at 4: Jennifer May 5, at 9: Mama May 8, at 6: Jennifer May 7, at 9: Mama May 10, at 9: Halcyon June 14, at 5: Knitted this hat in a Canadian style.

It came out veery cute! I have posted pictures in Ravelry. Deborah Goodman June 14, at 6: Mama June 16, at 2: Mesa June 24, at 4: Mama June 29, at Smitha July 9, at 9: Mama July 9, at 9: Nicky July 30, at 7: Nicky July 31, at 6: Judy Bisel August 19, at Mama August 26, at Isabella August 22, at 6: Mama August 25, at Summer August 25, at 2: Mama August 25, at 6: Gem September 4, at Mama September 5, at It is as long as your yarn has some give.

It should have room for growth. Seshu September 14, at 9: Mama September 23, at Khan September 29, at 5: Kate October 4, at 8: Bibi October 19, at 7: Mama October 19, at 6: Mama October 23, at 3: Gilda Ennis October 28, at 8: How do I knit a button for the top of the baby hat I just made.

Mama October 30, at Kristina October 29, at Chris November 17, at 7: Thanks for your response — seems to have turned frigidly cold over night. Mama November 18, at Erika November 18, at Emma w November 29, at 9: Mama December 3, at Emma December 8, at 9: Heather December 18, at 3: Mama December 19, at 1: Before starting the crown, there are 78 stitches. Anne jenson December 30, at 2: I do not use Facebook.

Mama January 5, at Lisa January 1, at 4: Sarah January 15, at Melissa January 17, at 9: Mama January 18, at 7: Isabelle January 18, at 7: Mama January 18, at 8: Before starting the crown, there are stitches. Isabelle January 22, at 3: Joan January 18, at

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