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We love to Junk. We're honored to welcome your reunion to Vancouver USA! DoubleTree by Hilton Colorado Springs. The Embassy Suites Parsippany is located off all major highways.

Illinois - Jodaviess County. acres in one of the top counties in the state. 3 hours from Chicago, in the NW corner of the state. Full season archery lease for up t.
The Next Generation. For almost 60 years, the Darryl Starbird National Rod & Custom Car Shows have been produced across the country by the legendary car customizer himself.
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The Next Generation

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Roses are red, violets are blue Here's your invitation to take a 'crack' at your literary talent. Bird Bytes is gathering a collection of the finest poems written about your Pet Bird or birds in general.

Contribute your special POEM and read the latest poems submitted below. Enjoy the thrill of having your poem on the net for all the world to see!! First, upon an un-polluted earth You crowd us out, with too many a human birth Then flock to the zoos with camera and kid Our habitats ruined, This is what you did Then fail to lay claim our pending extinction: Human population is to blame When 'too' few a wise humans; in protest explain The rest of you in unison resist and complain If these humans dare to utter, without us animals you can't exist The rest of you question: What are you, an activist?

The next time you visit a creature at the zoo Ask yourself, without us whatever will you do? My fight with depression was long and severe Then I met my Girl, I knew hope was near. She flies to my shoulder and begs for a kiss She ruffles her feathers when beak meets my lips.

Who could feel so sad, when I'm really proud She's learned many whistles, though little too loud. She chases my plate, when dinner times here Oh gosh what a mess, is my "Dirt Devil" near? Before lights go out, we watch TV shows Does she know the plot, who really knows? She plays with my hair, now mine sticks up too My cockateil's gray, I'm no longer blue. Don't be sad only glad Cause soon they'll be smooth again Until the next molt shall begin. Subscribe to our Newsletter for a Chance to Win!

I'll be free with all the other birds, A flyer, Oh so true I'll be one A Hawk, and Eagle? The sky that is blue, Is a wonderful spot! He is indeed green and yellow And brought up to be so very mellow. He walks around the entire house Then walks on the floor like a little mouse. He chirps and sings And flaps his wings. He sits on my shoulder While I write in my folder. He will be mine always and forever As we shall live happily together.

Diana Martucci With your wings held high You put a smile on my face With all your might You always left your trace Never did I see you frown For your smile was never upside down Why is it that you loved me so was I part of your soul You were always by my side And although you are no longer on my shoulder I can still feel your presence Your fluff warming my heart I will always miss you And I know the favor will be returned some day For when I see you once again It will be in the sky where You will once again hold your wings up high By: Andie Something to Share " Bird crazy " is what they call me.

And parrots are my game. This name I have been given. Is an honor, not a shame. I care for them. I comfort them too I also work with humans and teach them to follow through. When you bought this lovely creature. You probably did not know. Just how very smart it was. Nor how your life would go.

Sometimes they scream They make lot's of messes too. Another thing to remember is; They'll probably out live you. Parrots are wild creatures But live in homes you see. They depend on us to give to them. All the things they need. They need to have their showers. Don't forget their Doctor too. They cannot live on seed alone. So Sad That many do. They need Love and Understanding when they are scared or hurt or sad.

They do not understand it when we are tired, stressed, or mad. You may register to bid by calling our office or by visiting our website. We'll be posting the preliminary auction catalog soon and we shall continually add new auction entries as they are registered, so keep checking our website for the latest updates.

If so, give us a call or visit our website to learn how easy it is to consign your ride. We offer the lowest rates around. Spaces are limited so sign up early. Remember, the earlier you sign up your vehicle, the more promotion it will get which means more potential buyers will see it. Reasonable reserves are accepted. Call Johnny at with any questions. Our Auctions are always High Energy and a lot of Fun and the swap meet is always a treat. This is a family friendly Free Admission event.

Hope to See Ya There! Various Door Prize Items. T-Shirts will be available to purchase until October 1st, There will not be any T-Shirts sold at the event. We would like to extend the invitation to your club. Registration begins at Let's pack the streets! All proceeds go to Catalayah Elementary School. All pre Registered cars must be parked between 4: Call Britany Sunday with any questions Robinson Sell your old Race car parts!

That unfinished scooter project! Sell your old Classic Truck! Indoor and Outdoor Vender Spaces! Meals available on the grounds, and free parts hauling! See Website for details www. Door Prizes, Games and Lunch is provided to participants. For more information please contact Jeremy Lawson at or email at jeremylawson yahoo.

Top 50 cars will receive a plaque, plus specialty trophies. There is no better venue or time of year for a car show than right at the foot of beautiful Pensacola Dam. Take a short drive on Old 66 and join us and enjoy the fall foliage for the final show of the year at the best car show venue in the state of Oklahoma, right on the shores of Grand Lake.

This is the Payne County Chapter, and the donations will be used to help local heroes here in Payne County. We are still taking donations for anyone that wants to donate to The Wounded Warrior Project, and there is a link to donate directly on our event page. This year's proceeds will go to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation!

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Fresh merchandise for your brand. Locally produced apparel including custom t-shirts, embroidery and promotional products. Tulsa, OK. T ulsa Tshirt Factory is Tulsa's premiere local screen printing company specializing in customizable apparel that suppports your marketing needs. Printing custom t-shirts just got easier for Tulsa residents! Put anything you want on a t-shirt or hundreds of other products. Free shipping, live expert help and guaranteed day delivery.