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I cut two of the back pieces that you put on fold and then the hood. Thanksgiving Turkey Cheese Ball. I can send you photos of my little one in her costume. You could in theory not add the hood and turn the neck section in a half inch and sew down. How long will the cape be?

Find flannel and fleece sewing projects and ideas online at JOANN. Follow easy steps and simple instructions on how to sew flannel and fleece fabric.
Find flannel and fleece sewing projects and ideas online at JOANN. Follow easy steps and simple instructions on how to sew flannel and fleece fabric.
Find flannel and fleece sewing projects and ideas online at JOANN. Follow easy steps and simple instructions on how to sew flannel and fleece fabric.
Find flannel and fleece sewing projects and ideas online at JOANN. Follow easy steps and simple instructions on how to sew flannel and fleece fabric.
Fleece Fun has so many different tutorials on making fun fleece things. David, in a cozy cape cod style house in Connecticut. google ad. Flannel Gift to make. Fabulous Flannel Gifts to Make. Handmade Gifts for Boys. Easy Fleece DIY. Awesome DIY Cork Projects. Thanksgiving Turkey Cheese Ball. Easy to Make Pumpkin Cheese Ball.

Sep 12,  · Use the Red Riding Hood Cape Tutorial to create your own version of the famous garment. Keep in all the warmth and wear this adorable cape as a Halloween costume or in any chilly weather. This cape sewing tutorial will lead you through each step/5(10).

Next take the hood exterior, and the lining, place them right sides together, pin together along the yellow line shown on the 2nd pattern piece in step two. Sew the two hoods together they should be inside out seams facing you along the yellow line from one end to the other of the hood front.

Then turn the hood right side out. It this is still unclear — I recommend calling or asking a friend with more sewing experience who can physically show you what I am talking about. I am confused with the amount of fabric. Also, does this cover both the cape and lining? So, if I wanted to line it with a contrasting fabric, would I split this amount in half? If you are trying to fully line the cape you will need to double the fabric — only the hood is lined.

For a child version you will need 1. I need the child large size but when I click on it to print the pattern, only the child size shows up. Also I was wondering why you would need the same amount of fabric for every size and style cape?

I was wondering how wide the fabric has to be? It if for my 7 year old, so I will be making a child size. Hi Joanne, The pattern is based on wide fabric 58 inches — the child pattern is smaller and will work with a smaller width — but not much smaller. The fabric needs to be at least 49 inches wide for a child large and 41 for a child. So it depends on the width of fabric you can find the faux fur in — as it can vary.

I am very confused by the part where you sew the hoods together for a lined hood. My daughter 19 and I made the cape on Friday night. Neither of us have any great sewing ability. Nonetheless, it turned out great! Directions were easy to follow. Probably took me almost as long to assemble the pattern as it did to actually sew it.

You are a genius! She is so pleased with it, as am I! Your pattern was really easy to work with especially the tutorial — not bad for a first project! Tracy How wonderful — I would love to see a picture of your project! I would love to show you my lovely cape! Since we use meters instead of yards, I tried to translate it into meters by using the internet.

I wish it was longer — I used the max size but it still only goes to my waist. One question I have though — any trick to making the shoulders not so boxy? In the picture the cape lays and forms to the shoulders, but on my cape the shoulders create a point and kind of look like it has shoulder pads. Thanks again for a wonderful pattern! Hi Mandi, If you email me a picture of the should seam meeting the side seam I might be able to offer some suggestions. But so happy that for the most part you had success!

We are having difficult economic times right now — I already had the fabric, but no money for a printed pattern. It is my tradition to make something for a costume for my kids every year, and I will be able to do it again, thanks to this pattern!

Thank you for the pattern! I LOVE the hood! It looks so great and was easy to whip together this afternoon. My daughter loves it and it will be so warm for trick-or-treating.

Thank you for sharing!!! I am attempting to make this for my 3 year old as part of her little red riding hood costume. The question I have is if I am not using fleece but another material for the hood pieces do I cut 2 and then flip the pattern over and cut to facing the other direction? Does this make any sense? Hi Shannon, Yonly need two pieces of the front — the back is one peice. The question I had is if I were to line the entire cape, when would I attavch the lining to the pieces? What would be the easiest way and which sides facing which to make sure I have a clean look?

I printed the pattern. I follow the grid layout but I have extra pieces! Hi Nellie, On the second page of the pattern is a Map that will show you where the peices go. It will show you clearly where they are located. Thanks so much for the wonderful video and pattern. I made this for my daughter today and I am a novice at sewing at it was easy to understand. The large child pattern is the same as the adult pattern 30 pieces , but on the grid the large child pattern only has 22 pieces.

Could you please upload the large child pattern? Thank you for posting this. I made a Belle costume for my daughter for Halloween, and now the forecast is calling for 40 degree temperatures and rain. Thank you so much for this pattern! I added four inches in length to the child large for my year-old daughter.

It only took a couple hours, and looks great! Thank you so much for offering this FREE pattern! The finished cape looks really nice and was very quick and easy to make, even for me — I am not a very experienced sewer. I made this for my petite 2. I made a smaller hood and then cut the front edge of the cape to match decrease in circumference.

I can send you photos of my little one in her costume. I will post this on my FB page and recommend your site. You have a ton of talent. There are 3 negatives and 6 extender pieces. In the instructions there are photos of much bigger front and back body pieces. THey work just the same as in the example — they are just smaller for a kid. Thank you sooooooo much for posting this pattern!!

I just started working on a little red riding hood costume for the Armegeddon convention next year, but had NO IDEA how to make a hooded cape! Hi Iris, I would use the child for the 3 and 4 year olds. I would use the child large for the 6 and 7 year olds. Thanks so much for this pattern!

I wanted it longer so it could be draped all around her. I used artists sketch paper the big sheets to place under the pattern at the bottom and extended the lines around 10 inches. I did this every few inches and then connected the dashed lines to form the circular bottom. I sewed a trial run on some ugly cotton and it came out great. Now for the real one on the real fabric!

Just wish I knew how to split that back into 3 panels. I think that would save on fabric. Yes a link to the tutorial is fine. Posting the instructions and pictures to instructions is not allowed. Thank you for your quick reply. Thanks for the pattern! Looking forward to making it! But you do whatever you want to make your cape work for you! Thank you so much for the pattern and instructions!!!!!!! I just wanted to say thank you.

Hello, thank you for your answer! I have finished the cape for my daughter! The hood was just the perfect size!!! After the Carnaval, I will send you a photo with the complete costume! But this cape is really nice and i abstolutely want to do it! I will try to help or word it a different way. I am not a sewer, but yet I made this in one evening. Thank you so much for this wonderful pattern and tutorial. I made a cloak for my daughter in crushed velvet sorry!

I just finished this cape today, and it looks gorgeous! I made it for a girl who is in a musical with me, but instead of fleece, I used velvet. I also replaced the button or ribbon for a golden clasp, which looked nice with the fabric. Thank you so much for the pattern! Hi, Just wondering how wide was the fabric you used? The pattern is based on fabric that is 58 inches wide. So you will need to find a fabric that width.

Thank you very much for the pattern. Where all the children at school dress up as a favourite character from a book. I made the hood with a newly bought sewing machine. I also made another little hood for her beloved doll with leftover fabric. She adores them both. More happily she won the Best Costume Prize in her year at school The costume made everybody smile thanks to you!!! Thank you for an excellent pattern. It makes her enchanting and magical.

Thankyou so much for this gorgeous pattern! I only found your website this morning, and finished the cape this afternoon. I did it in bright red satin with a bias binding edge and it looks fabulous! I love the fullness of the hood. I now have a very happy Miss 6 who will be wearing it for her school fairytale parade. Thanks again, Katrina Sydney, Australia. Hello, Thank you for this pattern. I just made three capes in the last couple of days.

The first one I made with a velveteen blanket from WM that I got on clearance. I added a cute button and old fashioned macrame hook closure.

I then wanted to improvise with two more capes and tell you how it went. I made two more capes from camo-fleece blankets also clearanced priced that I wanted to fashion from the ones that Princess Leah wore in the Return of the Jedi movie.

You should see them!!! I decided to try an easy on cape with hood without front opening just put over head. I cut two of the back pieces that you put on fold and then the hood. The measurements of the hood fit perfectly. There is plenty of room to slip over your head and the cape with the beautiful generous hood looks fantastic. I also added length to the capes. Thank you so much. I can send you a pic if you would like. Hi, Im thinking of making this cape for a hobbit costume. I was wondering how long the cape was.

Could i still use the patten or would i have to extend it? The cape is a half cape so depending on the persons height it hits between the waist and the mid thigh. Thank you for this amazing free pattern.

I made it in an evening for my little granddaughter to wear to a Grimms Fairytale Day at school today. As well as the cape I made a full circle red checked skirt, a full circle white lace petticoat and a small matching white apron. So easy but the cape was the main piece which made the whole outfit look so cute.

Sincere thanks again Judy. I would like to know how long the cape is supposed to be. Is it to your knees or higher or lower? Thank you for this beautiful and creative pattern, People have to learn to see the patterns in a 3D way stop and use your imagination. The instructions are very easy and fun, no need to get upset. Hi can I just check the seam allowance is 5 inches?

Oops ignore last comment, I was being silly! I am sewing for my wedding so brain is a bit scrambled!! The pattern is exactly what i was looking for! Hi Delphine, The seam allowance is already in the pattern — so you can just cut out the pattern as it is and start sewing! I just finished my cape. I made it using black fleece and added lace around the bottom. Hey Thanks for this pattern, it looks absollutely gorgeous. I really want to have my own. But here is one question.

Did anybody find a way to make it longer? Because I would like it to go too my feet. I am working on a longer cape that will be out in a few weeks. Would you make the adult size for someone like that, or the child large? She wears a extra small or small top, and a size 2 pant. Looking for a cape that fits nicely and doesnt have major excess fabric.

Hi Alison, I would think the child large would be better on such a petite person. So I was wondering if you could tell me the measurement of the 3 different cut out patterns. For example, what are the dimensions of cape cut 1, length, biggest width and littlest width. Hi Gina, I love the ribbon detailing you added to the cape — very pretty! Thank you for sharing your creation with me! My daughter wants to be a princess with a cape for Halloween.

Thank you so much for this pattern. I had to tweek it a bit since the fabric became super thick but it turned out wonderful. It falls below her feet, but its not like shell be walking soon haha. Glad that this will last as long as i can take care of it. Thankyou for this excellent pattern.

Hello, I am making the cape for my 18 month-old and love it so far! Right now I am just stuck at the assembling of the hood to the cape. Love your detailed pattern! We live in NY and it will probably be very chilly around Halloween. Do you think this would be too cumbersome and thick to sew this pattern with?

Velvet, can be a warm fabric by itself. You may want to consider lining the cape with a lighter but warm fabric like a flannel. And super cute too! Just finished this cape for my daughter. I am smiling just watching her in it. I am having trouble getting page 29 and 30 to print.

Am I doing something wrong? The rest of the pattern prints just fine. Hi Angel This pattern is by far the best I have seen online! I am currently working on a cosplay and am making for my friends too. I am trying to make something like this: Is it possible to still put a hood on and make the opening to the side? This would be extremely helpful if you responded.

Another reference picture if needed: The hood needs to go on as is, but you might consider extending one of the front panels so it can go across the body and open one the side. Good luck with your project!

What a great site, thank you for making these patterns free and easy to access and use! Should I use the adult or the child large? Or should I use the child large? Thank you you are super creative love all your patterns. I love this cape and would like to make it. Hmmm, not sure what the deal is. You can go to my pinterest page and board here — http: Thanks so much for this fantastic pattern!

A quick question — For the adult size pattern, how much fabric is needed for the caplet i. I suggest putting the pattern together and measuring it to gauge the yardage.

Thank you so much for your awesome patterns and tutorials. I just made this cape but I fully lined it. I had previously made the pleated skirt out of cotton for her. It looks complicated but was a breeze to make. It too was a great tutorial. You do a fabulous job making easy patterns that look great and have easy to follow directions!

Just wanted to stop in and say I appreciate it! Thank you so much for posting this pattern. You have made a little 7 year old very happy, which makes me very happy!! Thank you so much for the little red cape what a great pattern!!! I love all your stuff and the tutorials just amazing!

I made this for my daughter for her Halloween costume I made it full length however and It was a huge success.. I used it to make a bridal cape. I made some alterations. I lined the cape as well the hood so it is reversible using white swirl fur and white bridal satin.

I used 3 yards of each because I extended the pattern ten inches longer in the satin and thirteen inches longer in the swirl fur and three inches wider in the swirl fur on the front edges and around the hood opening. Thanks so much for sharing your talents. I am wanting to make this for 11 girls for my churches daycare Christmas play they are doing in 3 weeks.

You might want to finish the neckline with bias tape or turn it under a half inch and sew a zigzag stitch along the edge to finish the collar and prevent stretching. But it should work without the hood. I love this pattern, thank you for making it not only free, but SO easy to understand.

I cannot wait to make this for my girl for Christmas! It came out perfect! I then made it out of ivory satan and lined it with white fleece for a very elegant looking winter wedding day cover up.

Thanks for sharing it. She looked absolutely precious!!! Hi Tama, Just started a flicker group here — http: You are of course welcome to email me just to brag! I just made one for myself. It is the first cloth I make myself. I made it ankle-length in velvet and did a full lining out of polar fabric. Thank you for the pattern. I made a cape corduroy on the top and lined it with quilting weight cotton and it is absolutely beautiful.

I have two more cape orders other two daughters! I better get started on now…! This would be great with a box of doggie chews. Fleece Fun has a washable duster. I'm making lots of these to give as gifts A Girl and a Glue Gun!! See Kate sew cute bears.

Easy to make fleece pouches for marbles or dare I say Ipods? Full tutorial from Clip with Purpose. Make a snowlady pillow for Christmas from BHG. How to make this cute fleece snowman from Fab DIY. Honey Bee Vintage made these fleece and felt stockings. White fleece Christmas wreath by Remodelando la casa. Easy sew hobo bag from Fleece Fun. Video instructions and downloadable pattern. Are these the sweetest things you've ever seen?

Fleece boot liners with felt flowers. The Tangled Nest has a tutorial on how to make a fleece heat pack bed warmer. Fast Apron tutorial from a Christmas towel. Other Easy Fleece Gifts to make. There are, of course, lot more tutorials on fleece on the net but here are some to get you going! There are some fun books on fleece on Amazon also. Do you like flannel? I just completed a post - 32 Flannel Gifts to Make. Lots of inspiration here also. Lots of fun for a party!!

Leave me a comment We have a great big family that likes to do and make all kinds of things. My brother even built his house! My nephew is a jack of all trades also. From time to time you will see the fruits of their labor also. Christmas gifts DIY fleece gluing projects with fleece sewing.

This red riding hood cape pattern comes together quickly and comes in child and adult sizes. An easy sew, this free sewing pattern is perfect for grandmother's house. Video tutorial breaks down the steps. Great easy costume. This fast hooded cape can be made in under and hour! Free pdf pattern and tutoiral makes it easy! Find this Pin and more on Cape Pattern Sewing Free by Fleece Fun - Sewing projects, sewing patterns free, sewing for beginners, fleece hat pattern free. The Best Free Cape Tutorials for Halloween! The cape is a key element to completing a costume.